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Being Planful is the show for FP&A leaders, and planning experts. We will bring you discussions with thought leaders, planning experts from across industries, and folks just like you to discuss how you too can break free of the low-value work and become the strategic advisor you aspire to be.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Empathy in FP&A | Stacy Brown

    What do we benefit from focusing on empathy and understanding in the world of FP&A? Hear from Stacy Brown, Senior Manager at UHY Consulting, as she and host Rowan Tonkin discuss:  -Empathizing with pain points to find the right technology ...


  2. From M&A to FP&A | Keith Kim

    How do you transition from being a master of M&A to a master of FP&A? Planful’s very own VP of Finance, Keith Kim, has the answers. From Salesforce, to LinkedIn, to Zendesk, to his new home at Planful; you won’t want to miss the tips, tricks, and best practices that Keith has ...


  3. Leveraging FP&A for Growth | Carl Seidman

    What are the key differences in FP&A at companies of different sizes? In this episode, Carl Seidman, FP&A Advisor at Seidman Financial, offers his insight into how small to midsize organizations can leverage modern FP&A resources for growth. Carl and host Rowan Tonkin ...


  4. Predictions for modern FP&A | Bryan Lapidus, FP&A

    In this episode Rowan talks Bryan Lapidus, Director of FP&A, AFP (Association Finance Professionals) about learnings from 2020 and predictions for 2021, along with a discussion about the upcoming AFP conference and what FP&A leaders can expect from the event. ...


  5. Building business advantage | Rob Kugel

    In this episode with Ventana research analyst Robert Kugel, you will learn. The new normal for business planning and decision-making The role of integrated business planning in supporting a hybrid remote/in-office workforce How to make digital transformation a top priority for your business Key steps to building agility and continuity with Continuous Planning ...